Middlebury Courses

HIST 222: U.S. Environmental History: Nature & Inequality

Click on image (seal of the city of Lowell, MA, 1836), for Syllabus

Click HERE for 2015 Omeka Timeline Exhibit on Environmental History of Middlebury College (by students in HIST 222).

ENVS 215: Contested Grounds: American Experiences

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Clink LINK HERE for Catherine Buni’s 2016 article in LARB, “Toward a wider view of nature writing,” which captures some of the mission of our course.

HIST 216: History of the American West

Click image for syllabus (Theodore Roosevelt Campaign Poster, 1904)

First-Year Seminar 1378: American Environmentalisms

Click Image (Newsweek Cover, 26 January 1970) for syllabus.

ENVS 444: The New West: From Reagan to Burning Man

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ENVS 401: Community-Connected Practicum, Spring 2017
Theme: Energy and Equity in Vermont

Click image (student-created energy infographics) for syllabus).

Click here for project descriptions.

ENVS 1039, Winter 2018: Dances with Avatar

Click image (web mashup of Dances with Wolves (1990) and Avatar (2006)) for syllabus.

Click HERE for student work.

HIST/AMST 445: Vermont Life‘s Vermont: A Collaborative Web Project

Click image for syllabus. Image: Vermont Life cover, Winter 1950-51.

Click here for student projects, Fall 2018 (may require login).
Click here for student projects, Spring 2020 (may require login).