Collaborative Digital Projects

I have worked collaboratively with students in a range of classes and independent studies to create digital projects of various sorts. Below find links and information about some of our work.

In Spring 2015, to prepare for the fiftieth anniversary of Middlebury’s founding of the first undergraduate Environmental Studies program in the U.S., my students in HIST 222 and I created an online digital exhibit on the environmental history of the college. Click on the image to explore our exhibit and archive.

In Fall 2016, Jake Faber ‘16.5 and Jacob Dixon ‘16.5 created an on-site installation at the bannister on the third-floor entrance to McCardell Bicentennial Hall at Middlebury College. Jake Faber worked with me to create an accompanying website. Click on the image to explore the website, and check out the view from MBH’s third-floor entrance.

Students in two iterations of our course Vermont Life‘s Vermont, have created a range of digital projects about the magazine and its construction of Vermont as a place. Here is a 2018 collaborative student project on colleges in the magazine across time. Click on image to see the website.

This video (above) from our class in Fall 2018 shows an analysis of Vermont Life magazines portrayal of the “craftsman” across time.

Students in our Spring 2020 version of Vermont Life‘s Vermont made brief podcasts about the idea of Vermont’s brand. Click on the image to the left to sample some of results–sharp and entertaining reflections.

For further examples of work from this class, including Timelines and Story Maps,
click HERE.